agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

Сегодня 30 лет выхода Dark Side Of The Moon

Какое было время, начало 70х!

Pink Floyd: Meddle, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals (почти весь написан, но вышел только в 1977м)
Genesis: Tresspass, Nursery Crime, Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound (еще не играли попсу)
ELP: Self-titled, Tarkus, Pictures At An Exhibition, Trilogy
Deeep Purple Mk2: In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head
Led Zeppelin III & IV
Jethro Tull: Aqualung
Rick Wakeman: No Earthly Connection
Golden Earring: Self-titled, Moontan, Switch, To The Hilt
Steppenwolf: Monster
Manfred Mann's Earthband: Nightingales & Bombers, Solar Fire, Roaring Silence, Good Earth, Watch
Uriah Heep: Salisbury, Look at Yourself, Magician's Birthday

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