agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

Басевич об Отношении к Армии и Солдатам в США

К приближающемуся 10-летнему юбилею Войны с Террором:
Present-day Americans, few of them directly affected by events in Iraq or Afghanistan, find war tolerable. They accept it. Since 9/11, war has become normalcy. Peace has become an entirely theoretical construct. A report of G.I.s getting shot at, maimed, or killed is no longer something the average American gets exercised about. Rest assured that no such reports will interfere with plans for the long weekend that Memorial Day makes possible.

Members of the civil-military-corporate elite find war more than tolerable. Within its ranks, as Chris Hedges has noted, war imparts meaning and excitement to life. It serves as a medium through which ambitions are fulfilled and power is accrued and exercised. In Washington, the benefits offered by war’s continuation easily outweigh any benefits to be gained by ending war. So why bother to try?

As the 10th anniversary of what Americans once called their Global War on Terror approaches, a plausible, realistic blueprint for bringing that enterprise to a conclusion does not exist. Those who might once have felt some responsibility for articulating such a plan—the president, his chief lieutenants, senior military leaders—no longer feel any obligation to do so. As a practical matter, they devote themselves to war’s perpetuation, closing one front while opening another. More strikingly still, we the people allow our leaders to evade this basic responsibility to articulate a plan for peace. By implication, we endorse the unspoken assumption that peace has become implausible.
Да, дамы в розовом выглядят как-то одиноко и страшно далекими от народа. Народ вот, в лице однокашника моего сына наоборот, в Афган засобирался: "Деньги уж больно хорошие предлагают". Есть что-то нездоровое в отношении к войне как к возможности подколымить. Тут какая-то двусмыссленная риторика: если человек идет воевать за зарплату, то это работа, а не выполнение долга, потому что долг, он бесплатный, это твоя обязанность.

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