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"The delicately beautiful, blonde star Veronica Lake, who's memorable films Sullivan's Travels, The Glass Key and I Married a Witch were all made in the brief period in the 40s, kept none of her money and little enough of her dignity over the next quoter century. During her marriage to her second husband, Hungarian director Andre De Toth, Lake lived the Hollywood good life, owning a farm where she attempted to rise wheat, a 23-acre ranch outside Los Angeles, a vacation house, a yacht and a plane. She had no business sense, however, and, more disastrously, no men sense either. "I'd always been attracted to the sick and unattractive, and still am," she would later say, rather amazingly, in the autobiography she cowrote. De Toth...spent the money compulsively...With or without De Toth, Lake has developed alcohol and emotional problems that quickly undermined her career. When her own mother sued her for financial support, there was none to be had. Lake separated from De Toth in 1951 and declared bankruptcy. Her home was seized for back taxes. Lake claimed to have left Hollywood on her own steam...but no one was trying to stop her. Back east, she scraped by with stage, TV and radio work for a while, but no comeback materialized. At one point, she worked in a factory pasting felt flowers on lingerie hangers. In 1959 , a reporter came upon her working as a barmaid...She eventually married a merchant seaman whom she claimed to love deeply, though it seemed to have been a profoundly alcoholic relationship that finally killed him and left her at rock bottom. She moved to England for a few years, where she "wrote" her autobiography and remarried, but despite the fan appreciation that her U.S. press tour for the book generated...she died of acute hepatitis, broke and alone in 1972. Veronica Lake was a classic victim of Hollywood and the men she chose, and seemed to play the victim right to the bitter end."

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