agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

По Ком Звонит Колокол (Падения Цен на Нефть)

Автор перечисляет 9 популярных объяснений, но сам склоняется к мысли, что саудовцы решили бороться с конкурентами в США, понизив цены на какое-то время, чтобы позже заработать на их подъеме:

Now, I'll weigh in. It seems entirely likely that the Saudis are being opportunistic. Like many oil exporters, they need high oil export revenues to pay for their government expenditures, much of which consists of food and fuel subsidies and social programs designed to keep the public docile. In the face of what looks like declining demand, rather than cut production to maintain prices as they have done in the past, they've decided to maintain their market share worldwide by cutting prices. This has the benefit of making much American tight oil production uneconomic, thus discouraging new drilling.


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