April 8th, 2003


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Что-то настроение нерабочее, а надо бы как раз лямку потянуть сегодня...
There was a young girl from Odessa
A rather unblushing transgressor
When sent to the priest
The lewd little beast
Began to undress her confessor.

Красиво жить не запретишь

Other airline executives are furious with Delta CEO Leo Mullin for endangering badly needed federal aid by awarding himself and other members of the company's management team $17 million in bonuses and another $25.5 million in special guarantees.

Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, is pushing an amendment to the bailout package that would limit executive pay. It would freeze compensation for two years at 2002 levels. Executives throughout the industry say they likely would take early retirement if their pay were capped, creating a management crisis for the troubled airlines.