May 22nd, 2003


Головой работайте, если шея болит

JAMA 2003 May 21;289(19):2509-16

Active neck muscle training in the treatment of chronic neck pain in women: a randomized controlled trial.

Ylinen J, Takala EP, Nykanen M, Hakkinen A, Malkia E, Pohjolainen T, Karppi SL, Kautiainen H, Airaksinen O.

Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Jyvaskylauml.

CONTEXT: Active physical training is commonly recommended for patients with chronic neck pain; however, its efficacy has not been demonstrated in randomized studies. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of intensive isometric neck strength training and lighter endurance training of neck muscles on pain and disability in women with chronic, nonspecific neck pain.Collapse )

Наивные люди: в Однополярном Мире не надо ничего доказывать

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran demanded on Thursday that Washington prove its claims that Tehran harbors al-Qaida terrorists...
On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and State Department spokesman Richard Boucher accused Iran of harboring al-Qaida members.

"There's no question but that there have been and are today senior al-Qaida leaders in Iran, and they are busy," Rumsfeld said.