October 30th, 2003


Джемсбонды хреновы

неплохо иллюстрирует то, о чем писал Баер: постепенно разрушили сеть агентуры, т к начальство в Лэнгли хотело лишь анализировать фотки со спутников. Вот так и просерили 9-11.

False Evidence Cited in Overturning Arms Dealer's Case

By Dana Priest
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 30, 2003; Page A16

A federal judge in Houston has overturned a former CIA operative's 1983 conviction for selling explosives to Libya, saying the Justice Department "knowingly used false evidence against him" and suppressed the fact that the CIA had employed him to trade weapons or explosives with Libya in exchange for sophisticated Soviet military equipment.

Edwin P. Wilson, a CIA officer-turned-arms dealer, will not be freed because he is serving lengthy sentences for two other convictions -- selling firearms to Libya without permission and conspiring from prison to have prosecutors and witnesses against him killed. But his attorney, David Adler, said yesterday that the opinion could help persuade courts to reopen those cases, as Wilson has asked.Collapse )

Miss Afghan going 'to hell'

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30/10/2003 14:12 - (SA)

Vida Samadzai in Manila
(Wally Santana, AP)

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Girls' schools going to blazes

Afghan women 'still abused'

Kabul - Afghanistan's Supreme Court has condemned beauty contests as un-Islamic after a US-based Afghan woman paraded in a bikini as Miss Afghanistan in an international beauty pageant in Manila, state media reported on Thursday.

"The Supreme Court in its Wednesday session announced that appearing naked in beauty contests is totally un-Islamic, is against Afghan tradition, human honour and dignity," state news agency Bhakter reported.

"Based on the holy religion of Islam any one who attends such contests no matter what religion or country they belong to is condemned to hell," the report added.

И хватает у людей времени на осуждения. Других забот у них, похоже, нет.

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Воздух очень хорош сегодня вечером, деревенский наш. В деловом вечернем американском небе, как всегда, примерно дюжина (да, в американском небе именно дюжина, а не десяток, это вам не Европа) огней разнообразных летательных аппаратов во всевозможных стадиях взлета или посадки; еще Луна в фазе роста, и кое-что из мелочи, пара звездочек и планеток. Ехал, открыв окно, слушая что-то успокоительное по радио, о выправлении экономики. Складно так врали, собаки.