November 18th, 2003


Убивайте японцев для их же блага!

Письмо читателя:

Without the Bomb, Widespread Suffering

Thursday, November 13, 2003; Page A30

Although the director of the National Air and Space Museum rejected the petition to include information about Japanese deaths from the atomic bomb dropped by the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay on Hiroshima [Style, Nov. 11], I would have accepted the addition if the display also had included the probable effects had the bomb not been dropped and the war continued.

According to "Downfall: The End of the Japanese Imperial Empire," by Richard B. Frank, these effects could have included the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians from the naval blockade and bombing of the railroad system; the loss of hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives if a U.S. invasion had been necessary; the additional death and suffering of Chinese and other Asian peoples from Japanese aggression; and further loss of Japanese lives and territory from a planned Soviet invasion.



Жаль, что попытка спасти немцев путем сожжения Гамбурга и Дрездена не удалась.

А вот интересно, сколько курдов спас Саддам Хуссейн, отравив газом каких-то 5 тысяч?