April 1st, 2004


Нелетная погода

Утром обогнал бронированный Линкольн под охраной (большой черный SUV с тонированными стеклами).

(Подсказка: I-270 ведет в Кемп-Дэвид, куда обычно летают вертолетами)
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Я допер где-то к 3му абзацу...


News Item: Further White House Charges Against Clarke
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(Washington – WPM) Yesterday, the Bush Administration added several new charges in its ongoing campaign to discredit former White House terrorism advisor Richard Clarke. In a briefing yesterday morning, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan accused Mr. Clarke of hiding the truth. “The only reason Mr. Clarke has had such an impeccable reputation for integrity is that the American people were unaware of several rather disturbing facts,” said McClellan, “or at least suppositions.”

According to McClellan, during the 19 years Clarke lived in Potomac, MD, he received two speeding tickets from the Maryland State Patrol. “Does this sound like a man who respects the law?” asked McClellan. Furthermore, Clarke once “mistakenly” included his county garbage fees as part of his county taxes in calculating his Federal deductible. And a recent audit of Clarke’s former White House office revealed that there are half a dozen legal pads, a box of rubber bands and two boxes of those really big binder clips still unaccounted for.Collapse )

...и свежий Онион по четвергам.

Report: Caucasians Will Soon Be A Minority In Their Own Goddamn Country
PIKEVILLE, TN—According to Hormel-plant breakroom sources, if the Puerto Ricans and the Mexicans and the Orientals and the blacks don't stop having all those babies, whites will be a minority in their own goddamn country as early as 2010. "Someone looked at the census figures, and on account of how much faster they're multiplying, it's only a couple years before there's more of them than of us real Americans," foreman Ron Nelson announced Tuesday. "They're already making the kids learn Spanish at the high school." According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, 80.7 percent of the current U.S. population is white.


Update: Чтойто глядя на них пива захотелось...
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