April 29th, 2004


Русская женщина тратит 12% дохода на косметику

Ох ни фига себе...

"A Russian woman will spend all her salary on a Chanel perfume," said Anna Dycheva-Smirnov, an industry researcher. "Russian women are very particular about how they look, even if they are just going to the bakery."

"Русская женщина истратит все свои деньги на косметику от Шанель."

For Russian Women, Whiff of the Good Life
$5 Billion Cosmetics Industry Entices Consumers With 'Small Joys' of Luxury
By Susan B. Glasser
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, April 29, 2004; Page A19

MOSCOW -- Galina Vladimirova is a believer in what she calls "the Russian cult of makeup." Tucked neatly inside her purse one recent day were her latest acquisitions of lipstick and eye shadow, her first Armani purchases. They were more than twice as expensive as any makeup she had ever bought, even for a woman who spends up to $150 a month on cosmetics.

"It makes me happy every day to know they are there," she said. "It's an accessible part of the good life."Collapse )


Вечером на 270м такая картина. Сначала впереди вижу облако дыма, машины передо мной тормозят. Из облака на предельно малой высоте вылетает одуревший гусь, изо всех сил стрямящийся to get the fuck out of there. Далее, в облаке вижу серебристый минивэн, рядом стоит, грустно понурясь, толстенькая соккер мом. Правда, без детей. А из под капота весело бьет пламя.

Да это ж просто пирдуха для минивэнофоба!

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