January 16th, 2005


Из Плейбоя

В 2003м году 243,000 американки увеличили объем своего бюста хирургически, а 113,000 хирургически бюст уменьшили. И еще 14,000 американцев мужского пола последовали примеру последних.

Шансы Умереть От...

When Mother Nature Attacks

By Richard Morin
Sunday, January 16, 2005; Page B05

Tsunamis in South Asia, mudslides in Southern California and blizzards in the upper Midwest -- suddenly, even a glance at the headlines or the evening news might be enough to convince us that Mother Nature has gone on a rampage.Collapse )

Here are the lifetime odds of succumbing to various natural calamities:

Exposure to excessive natural cold... 1 in 6,165

Exposure to excessive natural heat... 1 in 12,310

Cataclysmic storm... 1 in 68,388

Lightning... 1 in 83,930

Flood... 1 in 105, 512

Earthquake... 1 in 131,890

Exposure to all other unspecified forces

of nature... 1 in 92,323

And here are the lifetime odds of expiring from some specific causes of death, based on official tallies:

Suicide... 1 in 121

Car accident... 1 in 247

Pedestrian accident... 1 in 608

Complications from medical or surgical care...1 in 1,222

Riding a bike... 1 in 4,663

Falling from a ladder or scaffold... 1 in 8,412

Legal execution... 1 in 58,618

Being buried alive in a cave-in or landslide... 1 in 65,945

Dog bite... 1 in 147,717

Fireworks accident... 1 in 615,488

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Еще один снимок того же самого енота. Снимок тухлый, но очень уж хорошо видно, как он растопырил пальчики, чиста по-человечески: