February 12th, 2010


"Верните Нам Жизнь"

Рассказ журналистки с имплантом груди о прохождении через новый сканер в аэропорту. Там комменты интересно почитать. Например, от пережившей аналогичный осмотр maxie758:
Wow, I thought I was the only one. TSA in Tampa held me on display for about 20 minutes while they tried to figure out was was on my chest. I was put through the full body scanner also sans shoes. After I was finished, I was told "DO NOT MOVE!" "Ok, but can I please have my sandals, they have already been scanned?" 'DO NOT MOVE." I suppose they were busy, scanning another woman's BARE FEET." Ok, they were having communication problems with the guys in the little room. I figured they were laughing so hard at the scan they could not respond. I am a 66 year old grandmother, the scan had to be really exciting. After 20 minutes the "gentleman" returned and announced to all who were within a 100 foot radius, "There is something on her left breast." They must be fixated on left breasts. At that point I realized they were talking about my breast prothesis. I am a breast cancer survivor. I explained this and was told "DO NOT MOVE!" At this time, the TSA moron told another that she would have to pat me down. No, would you please step into a private area, just pat her down. I offer to whip it out. He was not happy with that idea. I understand security, but please, a little consideration. Would they stop a man with a penal implant? Doubtful. After all, this was a bomb of a boob.
Но особенно вот этот, j1234b:
Who cares about why she had an implant... the point should be that these contraptions ARE AN INVASION OF PRIVACY. I think it's ridiculous how much personal freedom we all have lost...millions of good people are personally exposed, felt-up, humiliated, dehydrated, inconvenienced and practically hog tied, and the terrorists are still boarding planes. They are always a few steps ahead of the law. I say screw them and give us back our lives.
Судя по тому, что последний коммент получил 5 звезд и 101 "одобрямс," не все потеряно, у этих людей есть гордость.