agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

О подростках, бросающих камни в машины:

James Alan Fox, professor of criminal justice at Northeastern University in Boston, says: "The whole process of aiming at vehicles has a very dehumanizing effect. The perpetrator doesn't really perceive that the target is a person -- it is a thing and an object and a shell of metal."Especially for younger people, "it can help disconnect them from the consequences of their actions."

Да, какое тонкое умозаключение делает профессор. Не об этом ли мечталось когда-то: "воевать, нажимая на кнопки?"

(речь, собсна о том, сколько народу от подобного хулиганства погибло и искалечено в окрестностях столицы:

In 1988, Herman Rodriguez, a 27-year-old Takoma Park mechanic, was out with his pregnant girlfriend when a Silver Spring 16-year-old dropped a boulder from Montgomery County's Carroll Avenue bridge through his windshield, killing him. The teen was convicted, incarcerated until he turned 21 and made to pay restitution to the victim's girlfriend.

Two years later, a rock fractured the skull of 15-year-old Destiny Morris of Hagerstown, a budding artist who had been accepted into an exchange program in the Soviet Union. Brain damage left her with the intellectual capacity of a fourth-grader. Three Prince George's County teenagers, drunk and celebrating the end of their senior year in high school, hurled the rocks at Beltway motorists near Livingston Road in Oxon Hill. They injured nearly 30 people in two dozen vehicles, including a Landover man who lost his right eye and a Manassas woman who lost hearing in one ear. The three were convicted in the Morris attack and given sentences of about 40 years each.

И т п)

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