agasfer (agasfer) wrote,


Terminator 2
Submitted by: Dave

Blooper location:
As Sarah is escaping

Blooper description:
When Sarah, John and the terminator are escaping they steal a police car. To scare the policeman out of the car, Sarah shoots one shot into the windshield of the car. Later, as the Terminator drives with infrared, the bullet hole is gone.

This blooper IS verified.

This is a featured blooper! See this blooper in all it's glory here!

Jurassic Park
Submitted by: Brennon Oster

Blooper location:
1 hour 25 minutes

Blooper description:
When The 2 kids run into the kitchen and duck at a table you can see a raptor enter the room by pushing the doors open in the shot of his hole body, take a good look at its tail section. You can clearly see a human hand reach out to stablize the raptor puppet as it is about to fall over. Its really funny that they would let something like that slip through the editing stage.

This blooper IS NOT verified.

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