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Couple Pleads Guilty in Faked Cancer Case

Tuesday August 12, 2003 2:39 AM

URBANA, Ohio (AP) - A man accused of helping his wife fake leukemia in their 7-year-old daughter to obtain thousands of dollars in donations pleaded guilty Monday to a felony count of endangering children.

Robert Milbrandt also acknowledged, without admitting guilt, that there is enough evidence to convict him of felony theft. He faces up to six years in prison and a $12,500 fine.

His wife, Teresa Milbrandt, pleaded guilty to felony charges of endangering children, grand theft and eight counts of theft on Thursday, said prosecutor Nick Selvaggio. She faces up to 14 years in prison and a $35,000 fine.

Attorneys for the Milbrandts could not be reached Monday night. No home or office phone listings could be found for Kevin Talebi, Teresa Milbrant's attorney, or for Mark Feinstein, Robert Milbrandt's attorney.

The Milbrandts are scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 24.

Police said the couple fooled 65 people and businesses into giving them up to $31,000 to help them treat their daughter's fake illness.

Teresa Milbrandt shaved her daughter's hair and gave her sleeping pills to make it appear she was receiving chemotherapy, made her wear a protective mask and put her in counseling to prepare for death.

Robert Milbrandt has said his wife handled all doctor visits and medical bills, and he believed her when she said their daughter had cancer.

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