agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

Хочу Такую Работу!!!

Чтобы я им предсказывал погоды, подбрасывая монетку, а они мне эта, платили, значить. Еще хочу как Линда Трипп, получать $99,000 за рассылку похоронных уведомлений.

Forecasters made predictions for some areas -- above-normal temperatures in the Southwest and southern plains, for example -- but said the picture was too cloudy to say much about winter in the Washington region and much of the rest of the nation. Specifically, the Weather Service anticipates a 33 percent chance of above-normal temperatures and precipitation for vast stretches of the continent from December through February, a 33 percent chance that conditions will be below normal, and a 33 percent chance they'll be about normal.

"Our forecast tools imply large uncertainty in the northern and eastern parts of the United States," said Ed O'Lenic, senior meteorologist and lead forecaster at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center.

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