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Конкорд на Гудзоне

No speaker made any reference to the French, who had, after all, engineered the supersonic jet with the British.

After the crowd had retreated inside the museum for the reception, two British tourists paid their entrance fee to the museum and walked past the aroma of a McDonald's out to the pier to inspect the plane. They found the jet alone, tied down to the barge and surrounded by a pier full of empty chairs.

"It is sad, isn't it? A bit degrading," Andy Thomson said to his friend Dave Clipstone.

"It's lost a bit of its dignity," Mr. Clipstone agreed.

"It does seem slightly ironic that the Yanks didn't want anything to do with it when it was flying," Mr. Thomson said.

"Trust no one," Mr. Clipstone replied. "Especially the French."

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