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LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

"Who's your role model?" he asked once, when I was young and self-absorbed. I made up something. He wasn't impressed. "Everyone needs a role model," he advised. He had pictures of himself bathing Laotian refugees. He had met Mother Teresa. He left his car unlocked in downtown Detroit once, to prove a point -- everything was stolen. Such high ideals, such faith. He had changed my life. I knew he would change the world. For 20 years, he's been my role model. I've imagined his travels, his accomplishments. I Googled him today. He's a real estate agent in Ohio.

Cynthia Taylor


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    Исчезаем примерно на месяц в далекие жаркие страны с ограниченным доступом к энторнетам. Полагаю, скучно вам не будет. Current music:

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