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Revealing My Feminine Side II

Carry Me Away V2

Today I went & bought myself a bottle,
like we used to do,
reminded me of you.

Today I saw a train roll by the river,
blowing off the steam,
reminded me of me.

That's when I threw the bottle in the river.
That's when I started running for the train.

There's nothing that you need I can't deliver,
carry me away, carry me away.

Make it seven o nine California time,
whoever said it was a small world was either a liar or a fool,
cause it's not true.

And any promise we make is as easy to break
as the plastic people on a wedding cake so says you
but you know, I do.

I hear you thinking,
from far away.
If ya keep lying & crying & trying & drinking,
I'm gonna carry me away, carry me away.

If you think about me,
from far away,
I hope you find it with me or without me.
Carry me away, carry me away,
carry me away, carry me away,
carry me away, carry me away.

(Господи, Джонетт, сколько ж ты выкурила перед записью!)

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