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Much of the reason that the United States now faces a war after the war is that senior officials in the Bush administration indulged in a neoconservative fantasy that Saddam's regime would crumble in ways that allowed unknown and unpopular Iraqi exiles to govern. It did not plan to secure the country once the Iraqi armed forces were defeated. Its initial nation-building plans were little more than a sick joke that prepared for burning oil fields and a food crisis, but not for rebuilding a nation of 26 million devastated by 30 years of dictatorship, and more than 20 years of sanctions and war.

  • Эпоха Одной Фразой

    На тротуаре стоял одноногий инвалид и продавал спички.

  • Прекрасное

    Американцы шумят о свободе, как своем изобретении, но чем больше вы видите мир, тем комичнее это утверждение. Наездник Харлея в костюме бунтаря…

  • Мимимишное

    Интересно, погладить дают?

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