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Рак груди и аборты

Еще одно обобщение из серии "Надо пить водку, чтобы глистов не было" или "есть огурцы вредно."

Предрасположенность к раку груди тех женщин, что делали аборты до первых родов может означать (и скорее всего означает), что рак груди чаще бывает у тех, кто рано начинает Половую Жизнь и делает аборты в 15-16 лет по социальным причинам. А кто рано начинает Половую Жизнь?" Те, кто рано созревают. А кто рано созревает? Те, у кого генетически обусловленый высокий уровень эстрогена. А что мы еще знаем про женщин с высоким уровнем эстрогена? А мы знаем, что у них чаще встречается рак груди.

Круг замыкается.

Update: Я ей написал примерно то же, что здесь и она мне ответила:

> Dear Yuri *****: Thank you for your response:
> Thank you for your feedback.
> My information is gleaned from the meta-analysis done by Dr. Joel Brind,
> Ph.D., who is an expert on the subject of the ABC link. Do a Search for
> Dr. Brind's prestigious credentials in the field of medical science.
> The American Cancer Society has denied the ABC link taking its information
> from the web site of the National Institute of Health and other "health"
> agencies.
> The NIH has intentionally distorted, denied and de-bunked the 29 valid
> studies done by international scientific research. It is suspected that
> politics and support for the abortion industry is more important than
> scientific truth.
> As a woman, I am outraged that a government health agency and cancer
> research organization should intentionally deny women this information.
> 40,000 women die each year from breast cancer disease who had not been
> of the ABC link. I think this medical oversight is criminal and should be
> prosecuted.
> Very much akin to the tobacco/cancer debacle. How much did our government
> know and wouldn't say?
> Arlene Sawicki

Воистину, чтобы убить науку, надо ее политизировать!

American Cancer Society: Let The Truth Be Known!
Arlene Sawicki, 05/26/04

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The American Cancer Society [] has scheduled fundraising events all across the nation including the popular “Relay for Life” races which will take place in many communities through the end of August.

Certainly these events are well attended and enthusiastically supported and their intentions and work for the cure of cancer is to be commended. However, the American Cancer Society itself is falling short of its duty; it is intentionally withholding the truth regarding studies proving the link between induced abortions and breast cancer disease.

Since the first study began in l957 on Japanese women , 29 out of 38 international studies have independently linked abortions with the risk of breast cancer. 13 out of 16 American studies report increased risk. Five medical organizations recognizing the link are: the National Physicians Center for Family Resources, the Catholic Medical Association, the Medical Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, and the Polycarp Research Institute. For more information see:

The facts have been thoroughly researched; women who have had an abortion were found to have a two-fold increased risk of breast cancer. In l981 a notable study by M.C.Pike showed that young women (under the age of 32) who had experienced an abortion before their first full-term pregnancy had a l40% increased risk of breast cancer. In l996, the meticulous meta-analysis of these many studies by Dr. Joel Brind and a team of researchers found "that women who had an abortion before their first full-term pregnancy had a 50% increased risk of developing breast cancer whereas women who had an abortion after their first full-term pregnancy sustained a 30 increased risk." At one time the American Cancer Society acknowledged this grave concern, but later withdrew. Why?

The millions of dollars raised through the Relay for Life events are used to educate the public and support further research. 200,000 American women annually are diagnosed with breast cancer and 40,000 will die each year from this dreaded disease. If the American Cancer Society is truly interested in saving lives and serving the public, their silence about the abortion/breast cancer link should be seriously challenged. With approximately 4000 abortions being performed daily, the number of women unknowingly putting themselves at risk for breast cancer is a disturbing prospect.

Perhaps it is time for those who avidly support the fundraising events for the American Cancer Society to insist: LET THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ABORTION/BREAST CANCER LINK BE KNOWN!

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