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Дорожное, Или Средство От Метода

Короче, чуваки пользуют спрей, который не дает автоматическим фотокамерам снимать автомобильные номера. Заметить невооруженным глазом, что номер обработан спреем, невозможно.

Cheaper than radar detectors (which are illegal in the District and Virginia), sprays such as PhotoBlocker, Photo Fog ($24) and PhotoStopper ($19.99) are advertised as reflecting the flash back at automated cameras to overexpose the license plate. The photo is said to look like a picture taken with a flash in front of a mirror -- glared.

Other products cover license plates with plastic shields. The Reflector ($19.95) uses reflective sparkles embedded in clear plastic. The PhotoShield ($25) uses a thin prismlike lens. The License Plate Loover ($8.95) blocks the camera's view with an angled louver effect.

These products sell mostly online, although some have found their way to auto parts stores. PhotoBlocker, for instance, is sold online at and at 10 independent auto supply dealers between Baltimore and Centreville -- and at one car wash.

также понра выражение "revenue trap."

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