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...концентрационные лагеря изобрели вовсе не нацисты и не большевики, а англичане во время англо-бурской войны:

. . . Milner was in theory the man responsible for the camps, but the main decisions (or their absence) had been left to the soldiers, to whom the life or death of the 154,000 Boer and African civilians in the camps rated as an abysmally low priority.

. . . the terrible mortality figures were at last declining. The commonsense of the Fawcett Commission had a magical effect on the annual death-rate, which was to fall by February to 6 per cent. and soon to 2 per cent., less than the average in Glasgow.

Ten months after the subject had first been raised in Parliament, Lloyd-George's taunts and CB's harsh words at the Holborn Restaurant had been vindicated. In the interval, at least twenty thousand whites and twelve thousand coloured people had died in the concentration camps, the majority from epidemics of measles and typhoid that could have been avoided.

Там же цитата из письма Шеридана Бисмарку:

The proper strategy consists in inflicting as telling blows as possible on the enemy's army, and then causing the inhabitants so much suffering that they must long for peace, and force the government to demand it. The people must be left with nothing but their eyes to weep with over the war.
(U.S. Army General Philip Sheridan, advice to Otto Von Bismark, 1870)

И эти люди запрещают нам ковырять в носу! (с)

АПДТ: в английских концентрационных лагерях умерло: Women and children in Concentration Camps: 26 370; Blacks in Concentration Camps: 20 000+ (Official British figure: 14 154)

АПДТ2: Прошу учесть, господа присяжные, что концлагеря были изобретены и впервые применялись демократическим государством.

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