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Страшиле-Мозги, Железному Дровосеку-Сердце, Элли-Силиконы!

(а можыт, девчонке все-таки сначала мозги дать, а там посмотрим?)

Короче, For More Teenage Girls, Adult Plastic Surgery
Rise in Breast Implants, Other Procedures Raises Doubts About Long-Term Effects

By Sandra G. Boodman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 26, 2004; Page A01

Kacey Long, 22, of Ennis, Tex., holds one of the implants she had removed after they caused severe complications, including intense pain and fatigue. (Joseph Victor Stefanchik For The Washington Post)

Nicole Casto was unhappy with the way she looked and determined to do something about it. A year of breast-feeding had taken a toll, she said, so after her tax refund check arrived in June, the 19-year-old single mother underwent breast implant surgery performed by plastic surgeon Barry J. Cohen in his Rockville office.

"My family was upset that I was so young," said Casto, who lives in Woodstock, Va., and works as a waitress. "But I explained to them that it was about being confident," said Casto, who said she is "very pleased" with the surgery.
Several teenage girls who had cosmetic surgery in the past year requested that their names be withheld from this story. One of Magassy's recent patients, a 19-year-old student at Salisbury University in Maryland, said she had been seriously considering implants since she was 15. Unhappy with her 34A bra size, she said she did not like the way her clothes fit.

"My mother and I talked about it, I had money saved, and I just wanted to do it," said the student, whose family lives near Annapolis. She said her parents paid part of the $6,700 fee as a reward because she received college scholarships. "I'm just a lot happier" wearing a 36C bra, she added. "I think a lot of girls think about plastic surgery."
Three years ago as a 19-year-old student at Baylor University in Texas, Kacey Long got implants because she wanted to look like Julia Roberts playing Erin Brockovich in the hit movie. Many of her classmates, Long said, had received implants as high school graduation presents.

Her parents strenuously opposed surgery, but Long told them she was going to have it done anyway. Her surgeon agreed to take half his $4,500 fee in installments, and a friend's mother, who worked for the doctor, reassured her that none of his patients had ever complained of problems.

Her D-cup implants were so big, she recalled, that she "looked like a porn star."

A few weeks after her surgery, Long said, she began experiencing shooting pain in her arms, followed by intense joint pain and crushing fatigue. She had trouble getting out of bed and spent months consulting doctors who told her they did not know what was wrong.

Last year a specialist in Dallas told her she had rheumatoid arthritis, suggested her implants might be responsible and recommended their removal. Her parents took out a $6,400 loan to pay for removal surgery. Since then, Long said, her health has improved.

Забавнее всего, что это происходит в Стране Победившего Феминизма. С одной стороны, политкорректность требует, чтобы к женщине относились прежде всего, как к личности. "She's not just a pretty thing, she's a person!!!" строго грозят пальцем, американским чувакам, которые оглядываются вслед хорошенькой девице. Родилось масса идиотских условностей. Например, некорректно осмотреть женщину снизу вверх, начав с ножек, но корректно сверху вниз, завершив осмотр ножками. Т е правильно как бы "начав с личности." C другой стороны, девицы одеваются все более вызывающе и явно хотят быть оцененными прежде всего как объекты сексуальной привлекательности.

"Личность" хочет себя подороже продать.

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