agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

...And Justice For All

A new law signed by President Bush sets aside more than $1 billion in
federal funding over the next five years to increase and improve the use of
forensic DNA technology at US law enforcement agencies. According to the
Library of Congress Thomas database, a portion of the legislation, called
the "Justice for All Act of 2004," is designed to "eliminate the substantial
backlog of DNA samples collected from crime scenes and convicted offenders,
improve and expand the DNA testing capacity of federal, state, and local
crime laboratories, and increase research and development of new DNA testing
technologies." The act is divided into four titles, two of which include
sections that authorize funding or increase support for specific initiatives
related to DNA testing. These sections include:
· Section 202, which increases authorized funding for the DNA Analysis
Backlog Elimination program to $151 million annually for the next five
years, expanding upon the DNA Analysis Backlog Act of 2000;
· Section 203, which calls for expansion of CODIS, the national database of
DNA identification information;
· Section 206, which states that grants may be made, via vouchers and
contracts, to private, for-profit laboratories to assist in collecting DNA
samples from offenders and processing crime scene DNA;
· Section 305, which authorizes $15 million in grants per year for the next
five years to support research and development to improve forensic DNA
· Section 307, which authorizes $42 million in funding per year for the next
five years to the FBI to apply towards nuclear DNA analysis, mitochondrial
DNA analysis, regional mitochondrial DNA laboratories, CODIS, the Federal
Convicted Offender DNA program, and DNA research and development
· Section 308, which authorizes $2 million in grants per year for the next
five years to promote the use of forensic DNA technology to identify missing
persons and unidentified human remains

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