agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

Фатальные ДТП в Израиле Возрастают На 3й день После Терактов

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Oct 5;101(40):14551-6. Epub 2004 Sep 24.

Terror attacks influence driving behavior in Israel.

Stecklov G, Goldstein JR.

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus Campus, Jerusalem 91905, Israel.

Terror attacks in Israel produce a temporary lull in light accidents followed by a 35% spike in fatal accidents on Israeli roads 3 days after the attack. Our results are based on time-series analysis of Israeli traffic flows, accidents, and terror attacks from January 2001 through June 2002. Whereas prior studies have focused on subjective reports of posttraumatic stress, our study shows a population-level behavioral response to violent terror attacks.

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