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Интересный прецедент: освобожденные подали в суд на освободителей

Tentative settlement reached in controversial Nazi "gold train" case plundered by U-S forces

MIAMI There's word of a tentative settlement in a case brought by Holocaust survivors against the U-S government for the plundering of a Nazi gold train in World War Two.

Both sides told a federal judge in Miami that there's an agreement in principle for a financial settlement, but details are still being worked out and no dollar figure was announced.

A lawsuit three years ago claimed up to ten-thousand dollars each for up to 30-thousand Hungarian Jews and their survivors.

The case stems from a 1945 trainload of stolen gold, silver, paintings, and other treasures. An advisory commission appointed by President Clinton found U-S forces helped themselves to some of the material after the shipment was intercepted and auctioned the rest.

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