agasfer (agasfer) wrote,

The Onion Survey On Condi Rice Nomination

"Great. Now the public face of U.S. diplomacy is that of a pissed-off terrier."

"I say, why not give Condi a shot as Secretary of State? It might help her self-esteem and encourage her to start taking an interest in her appearance."

"So she had to explain why she's the best candidate for the job? Big deal. I had to do that last week when I applied at Panda Express."

Ms. Rice should make an ideal Secretary of State. She's already proved to the U.S. that she can evade questions in front of a Congressional panel."

"The implications are profound. She's paved the way for a black female to perform with the Capitol Steps."

"Twenty years ago, I never would've believed that we'd have a black, female Secretary of State, much less one who was a conservative warmonger, too. We've come a long way."

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