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Зодиак В Действии, Или 8е Марта Близко-Близко

Гм...ну, если наука не врет, то те киевляне, кто родился в апреле-июле живут в среднем на 2.6 года меньше тех, кто родился в конце года?! Возможно, тут дело в том, что Тельцы и Раки идут в школу, когда им едва исполнилось 7 лет, а Стрельцы и Скорпионы идут в школу с 8 лет? Так-с, отнимаем 9 месяцев...и получаем, что Февраль-Март-лучшее время для зачатия киевлянина, а худшее-Июль-Август.

Adv Gerontol. 2002;10:29-34.

[Effect of the season of birth on the mortality structure and life expectancy of residents of Kiev]

Vaiserman AM.

Institute of Gerontology Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, 67, Vyshgorodskaya str., Kyiv, 04114, Ukraine.

Longevity was significantly associated with season of birth in 101,634 individuals who died in Kiev during the period 1990-2000. Longevity values were lowest for subjects born in April-July, and highest for individuals born at the end of the year. Minimum and maximum longevity by month of birth differed by 2.6 years in men and 2.3 years in women. It is shown that the persons born in the fourth quarter, died from accidents or suicide less often, than those born in the second quarter. That can testify their better social adaptability. Age of death of the persons who have died from age-related diseases (neoplastic and circulatory) depend on a season (month) of birth to the greatest degree. The obtained results testify that the early (pre- and/or postnatal) seasonal factors influence on age-related mortality and longevity of the people.

PMID: 12577688

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